Because sooner or later, your stockholders and/or your board will demand better growth results and a few percentage points gain won’t do it. Because if you fail to adapt DPI 10X you run the risk of becoming obsolete—or your whole category becoming a dying entity. Because even companies deeply “set in their ways” have taken risks to reposition themselves against attack from competitive innovators. Because you might not want to be ten times bigger, but ten times better. Became it requires 10X thinking to advance growth beyond your current trajectory. Because your entire team needs to be retrained and reoriented. Because all the great companies constantly 10x their business.

With the unprecedented acceleration of technology and innovation, a successful business must adopt the 10X point of view, not only to thrive, but in many cases, merely survive. Moore’s law (exponential doubling of transistors per square inch-making the iPhone possible) is actually reaching it’s limits. As The Red Queen said in “Alice in Wonderland,” “Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”. DPI 10X knows that twice as fast won’t cut it anymore. You must aim for 10X or you will surely fall behind.

DPI 10X Group is dedicated to taking the 10X philosophy and turning it into practical application. Through our workshops, we teach managers how to maximize and focus their efforts like never before. We take 10X and apply it specifically to their enterprise. No case histories, no standard consulting methodologies which have become obsolete in this light speed business environment. Interaction, participation and ideation are part of the workshop as well as a stimulating curriculum and thought provoking written materials.

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10 X is a philosophy, a process, a way of thinking, analyzing and considering the ever-present issue of growth in all aspects of your business. 10 X is a noun and a verb. 10X is the path to sustained growth. 10X does not happen overnight. It may not ever happen to your company, but your company will grow faster and better by utilizing the 10X point of view.

10X is not for the risk averse or the timid, or those who are willing to rest on past accomplishments. It has the power to make good companies improve and help failing companies dig their way out of deep holes. It requires belief and commitment from the top of the company to the basement. It applies to every discipline that comprises the totality of a company: marketing, distribution, promotion, accounting, public-relations, packaging and so forth.

10X demands that everyone must be creative at their job and looking to improve operations at every level. Looking at successful companies, you will find that they continuously 10 X some part of their operation. You can't 10 X a whole company all at once. Through 10 X, however, one by one, you can strengthen the various components of your company and actualize your growth planning.

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